The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Stuck on a Fated Snare - for Ila and Ross


My heart swells with never ending, eternal love for you.

I never imagined that one day I would be saying the words, "I do."

An elementary, puppy-love story seemed so unrealistic back then.

Who knew that part of a lifetime away, we were meant to meet again?

Falling in love with you was so easy, like falling from spinning too much together as kids.

And accepting your proposal wasn't a hard choice to make, but I am insurmountably happy I did.

I am walking down this aisle toward the rest of my life, it seems. But I am not afraid, nor do I want to turn back, as I am headed toward the man of my dreams.

You were my first, and now you are my second love as well.

The second is always sweeter, and with the surety in your eyes I can tell:

That we were always meant to be, right from the start.

And now I am stuck on a fated snare, who has returned to steal my heart.


You are my one and only sunshine; always there to brighten my days.

You fill me with joy and warmth, as you wash over me with your nurturing rays.

As a kid when I would see you crossing the playground to me;

Nothing could suppress that ear-to-ear smile I had, witnessing my bride-to-be.

Who knew that I would be wearing that same smile with tears in my eyes today?

As I watch the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, walk toward me on our wedding day.

I never once forgot about you; you were always the one that got away.

Seeing you walking down the aisle reminds me of when you'd disappear down the hallway.

But now you are headed in the right direction, where I'll hold you in my arms and never again let go.

I promise to cherish you for the rest of my life, never taking you for granted; no longer a child, now I know.

I've learned that a second love is stronger, a second love is true.

Forever bound and entwined, stuck on a fated snare, I now seal it with, "I do."

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