The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days

In January, you are my New Years Day.

A fresh start for us, my resolution is to love you in every possible way.

You are a birthday of a special someone I can spoil with gifts.

You are my favourite and best first kiss.

You are my Valentine's Day.

The simple beauty that a box of chocolates and roses portray.

You are a date night, which I dress up more than usual for.

You are the skipped heartbeat, replaced by a knock at my door.

You are my St. Patrick's Day.

I could get drunk on you over and over; let my inhibitions slip away.

You are the blooming of spring.

The birth of a new love, my everything.

You are my Easter Sunday.

The charm of family surrounded by pastel colours and precious time spent with you, eating chocolate eggs all day.

The month of April brings nothing but showers.

But May brings me you, bearing beautiful flowers.

You are the stargazing nights of June.

When we lay on the ground together looking up at the sky; smiling at the man in the moon.

You are my July the first.

The excitement of being with you sparks fireworks.

You are my forever young summer love.

The flirtatious days that turn into celebrations at night; and still all those hours aren't enough.

You are the abrupt beginning of fall.

Which feels familiar since I've fallen for you, after risking it all.

You are my Autumn August long weekend.

The chilly but pleasant days that are never long enough in the end.

You are the baggy clothes that don't properly fit me.

The warm scent attached to them, which I cozy up to contentedly.

You are my September, the start of a new journey.

Maybe a little apprehensive, I can't wait to continue mine with you; even though we're still only learning.

You are my October birthday, so late in the year.

Your over-exaggerated excitement makes me want to be older, to live our lives together with no worries or fears.

You are my Thanksgiving Day.

When I can just focus on being thankful for having you in my life; and for you to be there forever, I hope and pray.

You are the Christian Grey of my sensual fireplace night.

Where the white gleam of our bare skin is the only light.

You are the fluffy, white snow.

The sign that winter has arrived, meaning holidays are quick to follow, something we're always eager to know.

You are my Christmas Eve.

So similar to the nights I spend with you, where we never fall asleep.

You are my Christmas Day.

The magical joy that presents bring, although you're my favourite gift anyway.

And finally, you are my New Year's Eve.

The kiss I look forward to at midnight, as well as starting a new year off with you, while possessing a love I still find hard to believe.

This is only a summary of 365 days, yet I can't help but want 365 more.

Multiply that by the lifetime I want to spend with you, and that equals plenty of years to be sure.

But I'm already convinced that I want to spend the rest of my seemingly endless 365 days with you.

I pinky swear to a promise that I'm determined to see it through.

And although I know one day they won't continue to last, that they will eventually come to an end.

What won't stop is my everlasting and infinite love, because I've fallen in love with my best friend.

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