The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Love Junkies: Street-Smart Hearts

I crave your proximity; I want you to be near.

Close enough that your heartbeat drums in my ear.

Close enough that I am lifted with every single breath you take.

Rising and falling like this roller coaster we create.

I want to be forced to crowd your personal space.

Feel the warmth radiating from your body, and the calm look on your face.

I want to know your thoughts before words begin to form.

I want to be the encompassing umbrella to remedy your brainstorm.


We are incapable of understanding body language in part;

Because we all suffer from having illiterate hearts.

They disable us from properly judging facial cues.

And we still fight the crippling ache of figuring out what social faux pas to choose.


Weaning yourself off a person is like a drug sobriety test.

It's hard to track your progress when you don't have any milestone chips to get.

It's a long, hateful process of going through bouts of intensive withdrawal.

And you can't help but lust after that high once again, not considering how far you will fall.

It's a nail-biting experience, to try to stay clean.

When relapse is constantly haunting your dreams.

When becoming dependent once again consumes your thoughts.

And you'd give anything to have that drug-induced feeling, no matter the cost.


Your shoulder-inhabiting peanut gallery of consciences is satisfied.

Angelic and devilish forces seem to melt together as one, sitting back to enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Habits are childhood blankets, a thumb for sucking; to keep us comfortable and safe.

And you're a habit I just can't quit, a straight shot without a chase.

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