The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Night That Raised Us

You should've taken your own advice,

you should've done what you said.

But I know something of epic proportions

doesn't include me alone in my bed.

Instead, those moments of stupidity

are what you seem to most enjoy.

I guess that's just a part

of being a boy.

When you're struggling with growing up,

the concept of being a man

And finding it hard to distance yourself

from the other boys who don't understand.

Why couldn't you have been there,

on the night that the light left the sky?

The night that I was convinced I had

fallen in love with that guy.

The night that you could've begged and pleaded

for an answer as to why.

The night that I wouldn't have been able to provide you with one;

and I couldn't even make an attempt to try.

The night that both of us

would've silently cried.

The night the tears would roll down both our faces,

as we lay together side by side.

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