The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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White Knuckles, White Lies

My knuckles are white let me out of this cage.

You better start running 'cause I'm about to break your face.

I hope you enjoy the bitter taste of your blood.

With your face in the dirt, you've left your pride in the mud.

Once this is over, all you'll feel is regret.

When I'm done with you, that's the only feeling you'll get.

Go ahead and light my fuse, I swear I won't bite.

But I will punch your lights out, and with that I'll say goodnight.

Just do the world a favor, and stay asleep for a while.

And while you're at it you can wipe off that ridiculous smile.

Anger is starting to settle in, my vision is beginning to blur to red.

Violent thoughts start to take over and flow through my head.

I may not win, but I swear it's worth the fight.

Someone wise once told me I have to fight for what's right.

If you're going to tell people things, at least tell the truth.

Or you might as well say nothing at all, unless you’ve got proof.

You must be an idiot to think it won't get around.

You should've known it would get back to me eventually, what goes up must come down.

In this case, you're the one who's about to fall.

I'm warning you that you've already lost it all.

No one will stick up for you; you've screwed too many people over.

The only thing that will save you now is luck; go find a four leaf clover.

So just stop spreading around rumors and whispering all your lies.

'Cause if you continue then you're definitely in for a surprise.

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