The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Bitter Truth

Hush, hush now, don't speak your hurtful words.

Tears are welling up now, this whole argument is absurd.

I'll just escape to my room, stay there all day and night.

It's better to be all alone than to stand here and listen to this fight.

I guess there's no more love, since you've clearly lost all your trust.

I guess you think I'm better off being hidden from the world, since ruining my happiness is a must.

I'll just take off running away from my problems, besides that's what you always do.

They say you learn from the best, I guess the best in this case is you.

Apparently you inherit and acquire certain genes, but in my mind that's only partially true.

For there are many differences between who I am compared to you.

I feel more strong willed now, but also less able to ignore.

You just brush it off like nothing happened; it has obviously and easily been done before.

You seem to believe that if you just ignore all your issues, they'll magically disappear.

But you'll soon have a rude awakening when you find out they always come back to haunt you, my dear.

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