The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Jealousy's Unanswered Questions

Has she ever given you kisses as sweet?

Given you a massage until you fall asleep?

Touched you in a way that sent sparks flying?

Gave you that feeling, so electrifying?

Let you lay your weary head in her lap?

When you leave her, do you feel in between an infinite gap?

Has she put a blanket on you and tucked you in?

Will she stay up all night with you, even though her energy wears thin?

Doe she ever satisfy your endless hunger?

When she touches you, do you feel that same thunder?

That thunder is your heart, as it almost beats out of your chest.

I felt it with you when my heart skipped a beat, the very first time we met.

Will she do anything for you with total undying love?

Make it through everything with you, no matter the push and shove?

Can she whisper in your ear and send shivers running down your spine?

Has she cuddled with you and your bodies immediately intertwined?

Will she run and jump into your arms, and you won't be afraid to catch her?

I fell for you; you caught me and dropped me not long after.

There are so many questions I have for you that you have yet to answer.

But one last question, would you be willing to give me a second chance first?

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