The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Should Be Star of the Show

Things weren't right so I went left, and she took center stage.

The key to my heart has locked it up forever in a cage.

I’m the “Should Be Star of the Show”, the “Wannabe Belle of the Ball.”

It's hard to believe that in the end, I'd be the one to fall.

I fade into the dark background, as she shines in the spotlight.

I never will forget, what happened there that night.

I guess you don't deserve me at my best, if my worst isn't something you can handle.

I watch helplessly as our perfect flame suddenly burns out like a candle.

How can she so effortlessly, dance back into your life and win you over?

It blows my mind how every time, you go back to cry on her shoulder.

Why can't you move on after everything she's done to you, all the pain she's put you through?

Now two soldiers have been hurt in midst of the battle, both with extensive wounds.

Heartbreak warfare rages on, so I run away, hide and take cover.

Surely you'll remember me from time to time, reminiscence of a past lover.

Don't worry about me as all we once had is forgotten, for it will soon be history.

At least I know I've left my mark on your heart, for everyone to see.

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