The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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If These Jeans Could Talk

If only these jeans could talk, they'd have a lot to say.

All the things they have experienced, every little thing day by day.

They'd talk about all of the sights they've seen.

Heartache and pain they've felt just by being on me.

Make me recall the walks in the pouring rain.

Thinking about it takes me down memory lane.

They'd speak of all the times I chased you through the fields.

When I pinched myself just so I knew it was real.

They'd tell you about the journey we've been on since I bought these jeans.

Every single endeavor we've been through together, each time I lived out my dreams.

Even if these jeans start coming apart at the seams, even if they're filled with holes.

I'll never throw them out 'cause I'd be throwing away some of my past, a part of my heart and soul.

These jeans have about as much life in them as I have in myself.

When the day comes that they don't fit me anymore, I'll put them on my shelf.

I'll stow away my favourite memories and moments and probably forget.

But when I feel like remembering, I'll grab those jeans and hold them close; and everything will come rushing back to me I bet.

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