The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Sweet Seduction

When you hold me tightly and pull me in close, it’s like I cover my mouth and pinch my nose.

You stop the breath from escaping my lungs; you make me feel so good that I'm technically numb.

That irresistible smell on your skin, you drive me crazy with just your scent.

I'm defenseless whenever you're around; being in your arms makes me quite content.

I try my hardest to stay quiet, but you make me want to yell.

My conscience suddenly falls silent; when we should stop I can no longer tell.

I totally lose myself as I indulge in my senses.

Those feelings inside take over as every single muscle tenses.

The only thing I feel now is a strong craving and a demanding need.

The kind that only you can fulfill, so please do the deed.

The way you taste like sugar triggers my ever so bittersweet tooth.

I feel sick and honey you're the cure; I'm your personal kissing booth.

Quit toying with me boy, with all your skills of seduction.

Or we might just have to put on a show; it will be our own little production.

This ice cream cone that you have prepared for me is melting, beckoning for me to take a lick.

Your heart starts pumping rapidly, and your blood begins to run thick.

So turn off all the lights, I think you should kiss me fast.

'Cause this mood I'm in will eventually fade, better do something to make it last.

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