The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Fearing Yourself

Don't you smell that? It's your fear.

When all the things that frighten you constantly whisper in your ear.

Hear no evil; see no evil, that's what you may believe.

But you still feel evil whenever you lay your head down reluctantly to go to sleep.

Your whole world turns upside down when hellish nightmares take over your sweet dreams.

You'll never know what to think anymore, once you realize nothing is truly as it seems.

Now listen closely and hear that bloodcurdling sound, your fear is knocking at the door.

Are you brave enough to answer it? Or will you hide and cower on the floor?

Your innocent mind has been corrupted by the deranged things that you've endured.

You better face your fears when they call out your name; it's the only option you have to be cured.

Spit in the face of all things that scare you, it's the only way to save yourself now.

Get ready for the battle, and wipe the sweat off your worried brow.

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