The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Special Someone

We shared a moment, sitting there together on the bed.

Thought the same thing, as we rested against each other's forehead.
Felt the same feelings, coursing through our veins.
Had the same blood rush with our hearts beating in the fast lane.
You make me feel something that I'll never forget.
It's not something I've felt with anyone else, a feeling I know I'll never regret.
So we take a minute to catch our breath, I know you always steal mine away.
There are no spoken words, because there are no words we need to say.
We close our eyes and listen to our breathing and our hearts beating, in a messy duet.

I can still smell your cologne, so airy and light I fly away like a jet.

We shared a moment, shared many feelings so true.
I can never see my special someone being anyone other than you.

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