The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Fairytale

I hold my breath as I wait, wait for him to say.

That he understands what I mean, and he feels the same way.

I can hear him now saying, that I'm all he'll ever need.

Feel him as he takes my hand, and asks me as he pleads.

"Be my girl, be my only one. I can't dream of living without you."

I'd say yes and then reply "This is what I've always wanted, us together too."

I would finally get what I've craved for, as long as I can remember.

Then he'd kiss me so sweetly with his soft lips, that I would have no choice but to surrender.

You had me at hello that night, we barely talked at all.

So I can't imagine you saying goodbye, my whole world would crumble and fall.

Don't tell me I'm over exaggerating, ‘cause I can't believe you feel the same way I do.

I've downgraded myself for so long, thinking no one would like me if they were someone like you.

You're the most angelic person I've ever met, so where is your halo?

A tender, warm and loving light surrounds you, but you're hot just like a volcano.

I can't figure out how my happily ever after actually became my reality.

All of a sudden I am rudely awakened, and realize it was all just a dream.

I must be stupid not to notice, how unrealistic the things happening truly were.

There aren't any fairytale endings in real life, just stories told to create allure.

I'm still here lying in my bed, as lonely as I was before.

I try to close my eyes and go back to my paradise, just wanting a little more.

Then I get a text message, I pick it up to see.

I got a text from the same boy saying "What do you think of you and me?"

I asked him to tell me what he thought first, he replied "Well I think we're meant to be."

Maybe I'm just a liar, hell-bent on not believing in love.

Maybe this boy can change me and make a reality of what I've been dreaming of.

Maybe he has the ability to make my fairytale come true.

I'll never know till I give him a chance, my happy ending is well overdue.

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