The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Pass the Loyal Gun

The good times are over; I think that I'm done.

So be a good sport, and pass me the gun.

There is now no point, this is no longer fun.

All the happy moments are over, there are no more memories to be had lying under the sun.

So maybe it's time for us to lie underneath the Earth?

Where we can still be together, and fade away in the dirt.

‘Cause darling one day we'll be there, we'll have felt a lot of pain and still have survived.

But instead of waiting so long, today's the day we'll both put an end to our lives.

I've made my final decision, is your mind made up?

I found the conclusion to my story, there will be no more chapters left just one last drink in my cup.

So give me that gun, I will now load it and put it to my head.

You can help me if you want ‘cause at the rate we're going, we're just better off dead.

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