The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Perfect Posing

She searches for perfection, this average every day girl.

She looks at her mirror and ignores her reflection, as pretty as a pearl.

She fears what everyone else thinks of her, but she hides it all too well.

She's the most sociable person you'll ever meet, but underneath her true emotions dwell.

She worries about her weight, just like every other teenage girl does.

Thinking of what the scale told her, what her weight just yesterday was.

She freaks out every time her sizes climb up, but wishes some of the weight would gravitate to her chest.

She has stupid little insecurities, which cause her so much stress.

Whenever a guy comes along who actually likes her, she's always hesitant to believe.

Just because she notices "lie" is a part of that word, she's scared to death of being deceived.

She's been known to quickly fall in love, but she's easily filled with jealousy.

Afraid the other girls he knows are better than her, being overprotective is her tendency.

Someone who truly loves her with all of their heart is what she really needs.

She'll stop being so self conscious and quit worrying, from her fear she will be freed.

Next time a girl comes along who looks like she has it all together, is what you think you see.

Just remember that looks can be deceiving, 'cause this girl just might be me.

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