The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Forever Changing Topics

Tell them to discuss any kind of topic; they'll have no problem at all.

They once talked about Christmas, and it wasn't yet even fall.

They talked about Santa Claus, alcohol and kisses on Christmas Eve.
And how cookies and milk are always good, but vodka is better to leave.
Discussing such things like thunderstorms, backstabbers, and smooth names.
How naughty girls don't pay attention in English class, 'cause they have a certain guy on their brains.
They talked for hours, when she said to him, "I also have a few tricks up my sleeve."
He said, "Should I be scared or excited?" And she replied, "Depends how you feel about me."
The conversation abruptly stopped there, what will happen now is a mystery.
Maybe this girl and boy will always keep in touch, if they don't it will cease to amaze me.

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