The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Broken Believer

Just go on along with your life, and pretend I never existed.

We were broken and hopeless; I guess we couldn't fix it.

I tried my hardest to smooth things over and make this all work out.

I still find it hard to live when you are someone I couldn't dream of being without.

You strummed the strings that held my heart together, like playing a sick lullaby on a guitar.

What you don't know is those strings are now severed, and the pieces have fallen apart.

I gave you my all, everything I had, anything that I possibly could.

I feel like I'm the one to blame, watching our connection burn to ashes like firewood.

I've lost it all, I'm the loser this time, I don't think I'll ever win.

Karma's a killer, stabbing me like a voodoo doll, with the sharpest little pin.

These stupid little rhymes I create to show how I feel continuously swarm my mind.

I write them down hoping you'll read them, and go back to being mine.

That would make me a believer of magic; I promise my words are sincere.

I guess you no longer want me anymore though, so I'll show you some magic and disappear.

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