The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Uninspired and Heartbroken Artist

Now I plead that you never stop drawing,

maybe if you continue then your heart might start thawing.

Maybe it will unfreeze the icy words that she left,

the ones that are engraved in the muscle that resides in your chest.

Suddenly your pencil starts sketching her one stray curl,

and you realize this girl has changed your whole world.

And as you continue, you've shaded in her entire face.

You stop to take a look and your heart begins to race.

An idea to rip up the picture fills your head,

but you fold it up and place it in a box instead.

Then you hide it to keep your thoughts of her at bay.

You know it's the perfect gift for her on Christmas day.

In a split second you feel a twinge of pain,

one that you know will never go away.

Your inner feelings start to flutter and stir,

and your mind slowly creates thoughts of her.

Thoughts that seem to creep into your mind,

even some you would not expect to find.

But then a feeling takes over that makes you feel ill,

a wave of realization that you truly do love her still.

For she has left a small void in your heart,

and the only way to heal it is to express the pain you feel with art.

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