The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Unconditionally Unloved

Puffy eyes, her tears have dried.

With emotions evaporated, she just wants to feel elated.

Her mascara streaks her face, once she finally lets herself cry.

The salty wet drops fall because of your lies.

Her heart feels pain every time your eyes meet.

She breaks the moment first, and stares down at her feet.

Disbelief that they somehow can't manage to be friends.

'Cause if not for love, then that's at least how she wanted it to end.

Seeing you involuntarily, everywhere she goes.

Still has strong feelings as she watches you walk away, and feels sick with vertigo.

In the hallways, up the stairs, and you've still been able to win.

Absorbed in all this confusion, her head starts to spin.

This is overwhelming, too much for her to endure.

She's lost all self confidence; her fate is to feel insecure.

Never going to be set free, like a beautiful white dove.

Doomed to infatuation, she'll forever be unloved.

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