The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Steady Cycle of Seasons

Hear the crackle of the dead leaves under my feet; the sound signifies the beginning of fall.

And just like the fallen leaves our summer dreams are crushed, as we fade into it all.

The days get shorter as the temperature drops, and we forget our warm memories.

The frostbitten words that were shared between us, has turned me into last season's reverie.

I feel so cold once the realization of our circumstances settles in.

Chills run down my spine from the nape of my neck, and goose bumps raise upon my skin.

Frozen to the core amongst my colourless surroundings, this situation chills me to the bone.

December creeps up behind us, and winter's harsh effects make us feel so alone.

Spring finally arrives, as everything around us turns a bright shade of green.

Winter only hung around for a few months, and was shorter than it seemed.

We remember how much we missed this season, as it melts away the frost.

Happiness returns as relief comes with it, when we no longer feel so lost.

Before we know it spring leaves us suddenly, and summer once again returns.

Our crazy teenage angst comes back, and our parents get concerned.

We go out every night and stay up late, because the sun plays longer before it lays down to rest.

The warmth of the summer sun seeps in, we try to outdo last year and make it the best summer yet.

But the never ending cycle keeps going on and on, as the seasons come and go.

We get used to one then out of nowhere, the sun isn't as warm and the winds blow.

We will always fear the beginning of fall, because it means our sensual summer has to come to an end.

Winter is still the worst of them all; that dreaded weight will be put on our shoulders soon again.

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