The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Train of Thought Derailment

I step into the shower and turn the water on.

Next thing I know, I'm singing a sad song.

A drop of water falls off my eyelash, and I realize it's a tear.

The sad tune that was stuck in my mind seconds ago, I can no longer hear.

I close my eyes as the water rolls off my back.

The train of thought inside my head quickly flies off track.

I am awakened from my daydream to the pounding of cement under my feet.

Pouring rain coincides with my footsteps to an overrated beat.

A mixture of tears of confusion and rainy droplets chill me, as they both caress my skin.

I forget why it is I'm running, and give up when I feel the pain of needles and pins.

I turn around and head back down the dirt road home.

I have gotten used to this feeling of being so alone.

Too easily I seem to get lost in myself.

Push away the thoughts of how I once felt.

Darkness takes over the sky and everything goes black.

I've fallen hard this time and breath becomes something I lack.

I feel a sudden calm wash over me.

My body stops moving and I feel so free.

I no longer have any feeling, my nerves have gone numb.

I don't care if anyone tries to save my life, I don't even believe that anyone will come.

And so I lay in this state, unconscious but not unaware.

I remember the tragedies that I thought I couldn't bear.

I tried to escape but there's nowhere to run.

I spend my days restlessly chasing the sun.

Hoping I'll find the bliss I've been searching for;

But for now I'll lay motionless, on this cold and damp shower floor.

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