The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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One (in a) Million

It's hard to believe I can go one day without you.

As long as we're together, I could care less what we do.

We'll make it through thin and thick, even when we're both sick.

You're my temptation which I can't resist; the only thing I crave for is your kiss.

Being with each other every day, I can never tire of seeing your face.

I'll trade my health for your touch any time, it makes my heart race.

You're the best thing that's ever been mine.

I feel like I'll lose you, it's only a matter of time.

You're possibly the greatest lover in the world.

You make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl.

Boosting my confidence constantly, always saying you want to show me off.

I used to have my heart chained up, but you've managed to pick the lock.

"He who holds the key can unlock my heart", is the writing hanging around my neck.

You possess the matching key around yours, anyone can check.

They say forever is a long period of time to speak of with such ease.

But when I'm with you time is forgotten, it drifts past us like a sweet breeze.

So I really don't mind spending all of our time, taking advantage of the things we feel.

Promise to pinch me as a reminder, that this dreamy situation is actually real.

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