The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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We Shall Remember

Let us take time to remember the ones that fall;

The ones who have protected us by risking it all.

The fallen will never be forgotten, and we pray for the soldiers that survive.

For they will never back down and they shall always strive.

Some will go down with the somber sun.

Their souls will remain with the others, until their battle is won.

Come rain or shine they continue to fight.

Faced with things we cannot fathom and unimaginable sights.

Our beloved tears drop along with our weapons and ammunition.

Happy memories will linger longingly just like apparitions.

War-ridden fields are brightened with scarlet poppies in bloom.

The night brings no relief except for the light of the moon.

We salute the fallen in silence for their endless drive and strength.

Duties unfulfilled will be accomplished by others who go to unbelievable lengths.

Every unforgettable life that has ended is marked by a white cross.

The others carry on as best as they can, while they feel the heavy burden of loss.

Fretful souls will lay down with respect, and forever rest in peace.

A calm quiet will spread over the fields, and the combat will have ceased.

And so we shall remember those who have given their lives to save our own.

Let us keep our faith in the ones still out there; hoping someday they’ll safely come home.

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