The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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I lay my head on your chest, and your heartbeat seems to sing me a lullaby.

This sudden feeling that washes over me is blissful, as I look deep into your eyes.
I could stare at you tirelessly for hours on end, and I'd always find something new.
My mind goes blank as I caress your skin, and all I can think of is you.
You may not realize what you're capable of, since you carry on so obliviously.
I bet you don't even know anything about the way that you truly affect me.
Like a sweet obsession, one you aren't ashamed of, I'm an addict to your whole being.
On a regular basis I wonder how I managed to win you over, and I can hardly believe what I'm seeing.
You've been the missing part of my life, which I have luckily found.
And to you it almost feels as though, I am now forever bound.

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