The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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A Hollow Heart and Shady Soul

You see me standing there.

Unreadable expression, with a hollow stare.

The beckoning brightness that once shone over my face no longer exists.

The blank dullness that has taken over me makes you cringe when you witness it.

Subconsciously, I seem to be pushing you away.

Doing so during the process where from upsetting thoughts I try to stray.

With eyes that burn like cigarettes, I've scalded you too many times.

Metaphorical scars that are seen by no one else, I have the ability to see inside.

The corners of my lips are straight and sharp, as jagged as a knife.

I'll tell you stories about my mental scars in comparison to yours, caused by accidents in my life.

Then you'll compare your scars to mine.

We discuss it for quite a long time.

I seem to have gotten myself into a permanent state.

One not recognizable by people who know me; one of depression and of hate.

The smile that once occupied my appearance, has managed to disappear.

The utter darkness that has taken its place is never ending, and now my good conscience I can't seem to hear.

The happiness that once radiated from me has fled from my very heart and soul.

I once generated an emotion so contagious, but all that remains is a gaping, shady black hole.

A piece of my old self has been lost, in this confusion of uncontrolled emotions.

And now I'm doomed to spend my days just going through the motions.

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