The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Mistake Eraser

I wish I could take it all back and start all over again somehow.

If I could take everything back, things might have been different than they are now.

I despise the way that this has run its course and the outcome of it all.

If I could take it back, I would change the way we would fall.

The timing just wasn't right, we strive for more but it isn't enough.

Maybe if we would've waited a bit longer, today we wouldn't be so crushed.

If I could take it all back, I'd make us a new beginning.

Hating the way things have left off, no one seems to be winning.

It isn't a matter of who wins and loses the argument, because in the end we both suffer through a great loss.

I promised to be all you needed, with a pinky swear and my heart crossed.

If I could take it all back, I wouldn't have to miss your smile.

I wish I could take it back, so I'd never have to live without you for even a while.

I miss seeing the light and the happy expression on your face.

If I could take it all back, I'd go to the times when you did nothing but make my heart race.

If I could take everything back, I wouldn't have rushed into making a choice.

I'd go back to the times I felt like I was on top of the world, when all I could do was rejoice.

If I could take it all back I'd make sure that I'd never lose those loving feelings.

The times when I wanted to be held in your arms and I could practically see stars on the ceiling.

If I could take it all back, I'd make sure you knew that you were the sun which brightened my day.

If I could take it all back I'd enlighten you with my true inner thoughts, and I'd know exactly what to say.

It's near impossible to think of an idea that's so drastic and crazy like forgetting about you.

I wish over time words that have been mistakenly said, might become easier to undo.

I may not understand anything right now, and I may not know what to do.

I may not have anything else important to tell, except that you need to know these rhymes are meant for you.

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