The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Anatomy of Music

There's a twinkle in your eyes when your music and soul come together as one.

It's the same light that will shine from the star you'll soon become.

I hear the sound of freedom that comes from your guitar as I begin to tap my feet.

I see the happiness take over you when your riff fits your drum beat.

I hear the drive in your voice as you belt out your lyrics and cough.

You may think you need to record it again, but I honestly think you rock.

Your rhythm mixes with the melody in a harmony so divine.

You never miss a beat, and always keep perfect time.

Your cymbals ring in my ears and my heart beats along with the bass.

I hear the snap of the snare and a smile spreads across my face.

I can feel the feelings you felt, just by losing myself in your song.

Every part of it so catchy and irresistible, I just have to sing along.

I envy the talented musician you are, and wish I had that same true devotion.

But for now I'll sit back and get lost in your music, and listen to your raw emotion.

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