The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Resisting Change, Remain the Same

The date may change, but I never will.

I may look a little different now, but inside, I'm the same person still.

I'll always be that same girl you used to know.

I hope you still know who I am, and recognize me as friend, not foe.

There seemed to be a piece of the puzzle missing, one we skipped in the beginning.

I'll try my best to pick up the pieces we still have left and put them back together, ‘cause certain pieces are still clinging.

The end of it all seemed to bring nothing but loss.

But don't think I stopped caring, let's get that point across.

I'll always try to fill the awkward silence, and leave no time to think of possibilities.

Options that are unattainable, untouchable, and out of reach.

It’s better that the time came before we got in too deep.

Buried 6 feet under, feeling suffocated and unable to breathe.

Feeling claustrophobic, with the walls closing in.

When there seems to be no light left, and everything looks grim.

We need some space, some time away.

We need breathing room when we run out of things to say.

But we might as well stay positive, like you said, "Look on the bright side."

Speak our minds, keep no secrets, ‘cause we have nothing left to hide.

I promise that I'll always be around, never too far away from you.

I'll still be that same girl next time you run into me, that same girl you always knew.

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