The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Speaker Blaster

Music easily drowns every sound out, so turn the volume up.

Songs that take over the screaming silence, they can never be loud enough.

Our conversation has ended, and this topic is way overdone.

You tire of talking to me about the same thing; you've made me quiet, you've won.

Don't bother taking me home, I'm not worth the drive.

A waste of gas, a waste of space, just a big waste of your time.

If you do choose to bring me home out of pity, don't worry about driving all the way.

I'm used to walking alone with my chin up, so you can just drop me off at my driveway.

You don't have to say anything when I get out, you don't even have to say goodbye.

I'd say thank you for the ride, but you could care less, so why even try?

You can't stall anymore; you can't postpone the inevitable end.

I guess you won't be calling me anymore, I guess we're no longer friends.

I slam the door of the passenger's side, and you leave me in the dust.

You can burn rubber and lock the doors if you want to, do it if you must.

I finally get to my front door, and I am welcomed to an empty home.

I feel as though I have no one left to call my friend, just a lone wolf on my own.

This must be what lonely feels like, this utter feeling of being unwanted.

I want to feel the rush of skin-to-skin contact once again, instead of feeling daunted.

But I'll solemnly open my door, and hope the radio is on to greet me.

I'll twist the dial as far as it goes, and drown out the sadness that defeats me.

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