The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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An Unwanted Shadow

This icy wind makes me feel cold, almost bittersweet.

I can't feel the frost bitten toes attached to my frozen feet.

I curl up in a ball just trying to stay warm.

But it feels as though a part of me will always stick out in the storm.

I've spent many years of my existence living this way.

With no communication so I'm unsure of what to say.

Never had the chance to get the full education I deserved.

Couldn't get a job with the knowledge I had, and couldn't make a living off the little money I had reserved.

Brought up in a home full of addiction and abuse.

I tried to turn out differently but the attempt was of no use.

Abandoned as a child so many times I chose to run away.

Anything to keep the thought of my spiteful parents at bay.

I lived in a house full of more children than they could handle.

I bet if we were famous we would've become the latest Hollywood scandal.

Instead my siblings and I led on lives that were very poor.

I'll never forget the last time I ran out that door.

Turning to others to get that sense of belonging.

But hating the feeling when my crystallized veins started thawing.

So I'd always take another dirty needle that we all passed around.

Low and behold it was one we found on the ground.

Just like the needle, that's where we'd fall into the dark depths.

I'll always remember the days as a teenager when I was addicted to crystal meth.

Later on I tried to recover and put the pieces of my life back together.

But when you live on the streets homeless, it seems hard for people to even spare a sweater.

It's not like I was put into this situation through my own selfish desires.

I was always just chasing an escape, and chose the only way I knew how to get higher.

I figured I'd rise above the way my parents treated me as a kid.

But the irony of it all is that I never did.

It seems as though the daily life of being on the filthy streets is my fate.

I'm hoping if you read this, you might find it in your heart that you can relate.

And maybe you'd be willing to spare me some change instead of buying that alcohol or those cigarettes.

Because your spare coins could be the change I need in my life, it might be the only second chance I have left.

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