The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Your lips, so soft I could get drunk off your kiss.

There is no feeling in comparison as euphoric as this.

Your eyes, so beautiful and colorful, I find it easy to get lost.

With every blink it’s like an island escape, indulging in a paradise of sensual thoughts.

Your touch, so sweet but rough when necessary.

I do not object when you put up a battle, you’ve become my hardest adversary.

You tease me and I flirt back, as if it’s all a game.

My ears perk up when I hear you softly whisper my name.

Your body seems perfectly sculpted, with no mistake, and it puts mine to shame.

This is no illusion, but you are an unbelievable piece of art, and I’m so glad I came.

Into your life so quickly and tenderly, as you have arrived into mine.

Every second with you is a new rush, one I can get behind.

I apologize for having built such a large wall, but you are slowly breaking in.

I’m beginning to let my guard down, and what is left separating us is thin.

So don’t run off and leave me, when you’re so close to getting in.

I can feel it every time you gaze into my eyes, and for this battle it’s safe to say you win.

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