The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Embodiment of Perfection

I want you to be with me, will you be mine?

I want you to be my every day valentine.

With your heart like candy, sending loving messages through your body.

And lips like spicy cinnamon, making my vision foggy.

Hugs and kisses sweet as chocolate, wrapped up in everything that makes you.

Bringing me to a sensual paradise that before I never knew.

They say perfection is an illusion, but you're a pretty damn close rendition.

Trying to get you to want me back seems like a near impossible mission.

You're absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking as ever.

All my hopes and dreams amount to you and I together.

Hanging on your every word, balancing on my tip toes.

You raise me to my highest highs, and are there through my lowest of lows.

Craving the moment when I hear you say that the time is right.

The second you tell me "Now I'm ready", it will take me higher than a kite.

It's driving me crazy to hold myself back.

Seeing you standing there, my nerves out of whack.

It's killing me not knowing how long I'll have to wait.

Until you decide that it's been long enough, before it is too late.

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