The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Goodnight Whispers

I lay my weary head down on my pillow and give my body a rest.

Everything has silenced except for the beating in my chest.

All is pitch black at first, while my eyes adjust to the atmosphere around me.

I hope tonight my mind won't wander and I'll finally sleep soundly.

I tip my chin up to the ceiling and see the stars outside through my window.

Noticing how tiny but blinding they are, and how they are so easily stuck in limbo.

You pop into my head and I realize I'm obsessed, totally consumed.

Every other thought going through my mind is you.

And I wonder if I cross your mind as often as you come across mine?

'Cause if you never think of me, then I don't want to waste another second of my time.

But I know I need to get some sleep and I'm in too deep of thought.

So I turn my head sideways to rest on my cheek, unsure if my mind set would change or not.

But as I look to my right, I realize I'm staring into an empty space.

I start to wonder how it would feel with you beside me, as I close my eyes and picture your face.

I try to recreate the sweet smell of your breath as you whisper softly to me.

That playful little smile, which spreads on your lips, is what I want to see.

And before I know it I've drifted off into a dream land filled with you.

Although I never want this dream to end, I wish it would come true.

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