The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Message: An End to the Beginning

I read the message over in my head, again and again, to make sure I mentioned it all.

I try to stick it to my brain but it's like I'm going insane, since I know that I can't call.

If I called you I'd have to listen to your voice, something I refuse to put myself through.

'Cause if I did, it would be almost as if I'd naively fall again for you.

I wish I had the choice to hear your voice, and not get weak in the knees.

Every word sinks into my heart and makes me beg for you and plead.

If you just told me you felt the way I do, I'd be done with all this confusion.

But since it's obvious that you don't, I guess I'll just sit here dreaming, and wallow in my delusion.

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