The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour - inspired by The Hunger Games

Here in Panem, we rise from the ashes.

We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice; and join together in our masses.

12 Districts, 24 tributes and only one can live.

So join the revolution, that's what the Hunger Game motto is.

The Capitol hosts the Hunger Games, but there are much worse games to play.

And once every year each District dreads the Reaping day.

Some say, “Down with the Capitol!” but they do not think that way for long.

They might as well sing like a Mockingjay, and remain hopeful with their song.

The only way to avoid the Games is to enlist with the Peacekeepers.

But they just carry out the Capitol’s dirty deeds, and I will not follow the leader.

I am Katniss Everdeen, and I represent District 12.

It’s a place where you can starve to death in safety, and mining is our wealth.

The bow and arrow is my weapon of choice, and I provide food for my family.

Meet me at the hob, ‘cause hunting is my job, and my kills are made with strategy.

Hunting trips with Gale have given me strength and skill.

He’s always been there for support, and he swore he always will.

My Mother runs an apothecary, and my Father passed away.

My sister, Primrose's name was called in the Reaping today.

I screamed, "I volunteer as tribute!" for the only way to live is death.

I tried to stay strong throughout the reaping, my heart pounding in my chest.

Effie Trinkett smiled and said her famous quote, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Peeta Mellark, the bakery boy, stood opposite me; as we signed our lives away in waiver.

My Mother, Primrose, and Gale came to see me one last time.

Prim made me promise to her that I’d win, and I soothed her with her favourite rhyme.

“Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true. Here is the place where I love you"

The Peacekeepers came and whisked them away, three minutes is just too soon.

I stare in the mirror as I try to remember who I am and who I am not.

I realized that I just need to believe in myself, and hope is all I’ve got.

Effie stays optimistic on the trip to the Capitol, but Haymitch tells the truth.

He is mine and Peeta’s mentor, so he's the one we need to listen to.

After hassling that drunkard for what seemed like forever he said, "Here's some advice, stay alive."

From then on, Haymitch told us of many techniques that we could use to survive.

Once we reached the Capitol, we had to get ready to make our big debut.

I met Cinna and his group of stylists, who made me presentable for the public eye to view.

Cinna asked me, “You’re not afraid of fire are you?” that question changed my life.

From then on I’d be known as the girl who was on fire, the one who volunteered for strife.

It may have taken him a long time to admit it, but he believed in me the most.

Just remember you never forget the face of the person who is your last hope.

Haymitch told us that we had to show our individual skills to some Capitol judges and establish our names with honors.

He said, “Show them all how good you are, and make sure to impress your sponsors.”

The judges gave me an eleven, the highest score out of all the tributes.

I guess they liked my rebellious side, and respected my attributes.

The next day I was scheduled for an interview with Caesar Flickerman.

I was about to be questioned in front of a live audience, so I had to see Cinna again.

He dressed me in a bright red and orange gown, rigged with my signature flames.

I made sure I could see him in the audience, before I walked on stage.

I told myself, "I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun"

Haymitch’s words were in my head, “Make them want you to be the girl who won.”

Caesar’s voice boomed over the speakers, introducing me as the girl on fire.

And at the end of the interview, I spun into a whirl of flames and gave them all what they desired.

Then it was Peeta’s turn to be questioned, and he seemed to be so calm.

Caesar asked him if he was in love, and he denied at first but then dropped a bomb.

"She has no idea. The effect she can have," is what Peeta said.

I was wondering what lucky girl back in District 12 he was picturing in his head.

Caesar told him he wouldn’t have to worry if he won the Games.

But Peeta replied, “That won’t help. She’s here with me” and he may as well have screamed my name.

I was infuriated within a second, seeing his lying smile spread across the screen.

He’s lowered me to a level of nothing, made me weak; how could he do this to me? As soon as he returned inside, I lunged at him and yelled.

Haymitch told me to calm down and use this to our advantage, the star-crossed lovers of District 12.

During the night before the Games, I could not fall asleep.

I left my room and went into the penthouse, and saw Peeta in a state of thought so deep.

I apologized for my anger earlier, and he just smiled and shook his head.

I thought for a split second, that maybe I could love the boy with the bread.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, admiring the Capitol’s lights outside the window.

I think of Prim and Mother back home, cold and shivering as District 12’s harsh winds blow.

Suddenly Peeta broke the silence, "To kill an innocent person? It costs everything you are."

He said he didn’t have much faith in himself, and he didn’t think he’d make it that far.

I told him that we’re in this together, until the very end.

And if not for star-crossed lovers, I know he’d always be one of my closest friends.

The next morning I awoke to what I figured was my last day, and I saw Cinna one last time.

He put my Mockingjay pin on that Prim gave to me, and told me that I’d do just fine.

Cinna kissed me on the cheek, said he believed in me during the last ten seconds.

I stepped into the tube as the electronic voice counted down the last 5 seconds.

All 24 of us had risen on our pedestals, waiting for the canon to sound.

I tried to take in my surroundings as fast as I could, looked quickly all around.

I stepped into the Arena, let the games begin.

This is the 74th annual Hunger Games, and only one victor shall win.

I remember Haymitch told me not to run to the Cornucopia first.

But I went for a backpack anyways, and tripped and fell in the dirt.

I regained my footing and sprinted towards the trees.

Knowing there was bloodshed behind me, a murderous carnage scene.

“Stupid people are dangerous” is what I thought about the ones who tried to get weapons.

I tried my best to use what I was given to carve my own arrows and make a bow in seconds.

Before I know it, the canon goes off, signifying the deaths of tributes already.

I count how many lives have been lost, and grief weighed down on my shoulders heavy.

The Capitol used volatile manmade weapons, to chase me towards the others.

I guess the show got boring, and they wanted to witness the death of another.

I should have known that the cockiest Districts would team up and form an alliance.

But I never expected Peeta Mellark to be one of them; he had lost all of my trust and reliance.

"The more likable he is, the more deadly he is.” Is what I immediately thought when I saw his face.

I climbed a nearby tree knowing none of them could climb like me, trying my best to escape.

I waited it out as the group fell asleep, and saw Rue from District 11 hidden up in some leaves.

She pointed out a Tracker Jacker nest, and I understood what she conceived.

I pulled out my knife and sawed away at the branch, but I continually aggravated the modified wasps.

They stung me and their venom started taking over my body, but still I did not stop.

Finally the Tracker Jacker nest fell, and landed among the group.

One tribute in particular lay motionless, with skin that had begun to droop.

After that Rue and I formed our own team, and planned to ruin the remaining group members’ supplies.

I was supposed to detonate the bombs surrounding it, and Rue was to light a fire sending smoke into the sky.

She reminded me of the Mockingjays, and how they copy what noise you make.

She sang a song and the Mockingjays repeated it, without taking a break.

Rue told me to whistle the same song, to tell her that I was okay.

She said if she didn’t sing it back to me it was a bad sign, and warned me just in case.

So we went our separate ways making sure we discussed a meeting place.

But when I was done my part and she didn’t sing the song back to me, my heart began to race.

Suddenly I heard her scream my name, and I ran towards the voice.

Rue was caught under a net, a booby trap she set off, and once I cut her out I felt rejoice.

But the joyous moment was cut short by a tribute that shot at me with an arrow.

They missed and I managed to kill them, only to find it embedded deep into Rue’s marrow.

I pulled it out, but I knew there was nothing more I could do, so I tried to comfort her as best as I could.

As I cradled Rue’s head, she asked me to sing a lullaby, and I think she understood.

By the time I finished the song, her last breath had already been taken.

I rolled her eyelids over her lifeless eyes, wishing her soul would not be forsaken.

I surrounded her with flowers on a sunlit bed of grass, as I looked up at the sky.

I saluted District 11 with a sign meaning “Thank you and admiration and goodbye.”

A voice sounded over the arena, alerting the remaining tributes that there was a change in the rules.

“There may be two victors as long as they are from the same District” this meant there was one less duel.

I knew I had to find Peeta, so we could come together and both go home.

The thought of having to kill him before had chilled me to the bone.

I went down to the water, and noticed bloodstains leading in one direction.

I had my bow and arrow cocked and ready, in case of an intersection.

Out of nowhere something grabbed hold of my ankle, a hand disguised as a stick.

I knew it was the camouflage techniques of one skilled baker with tricks.

I uncovered Peeta’s body, and noticed an infectious wound on his leg.

I knew he desperately needed medicine, but I knew it wouldn’t help to beg.

The Capitol decided to provide the remaining tributes with a necessary item.

I left Peeta alone in hiding, while I raced to the Cornucopia hoping no one would catch sight of him.

Once I got back, his state was getting worse.

I applied the medication generously to his wound, hoping his health would reverse.

As the comfort of the medication sunk in, he said "I'm more than just a piece in their games."

Peeta inspired me with his strength and courage to go on, but I didn’t know what to say.

He asked me to admit it, that I reciprocate the same feelings he has back.

I told him I’ve never been good with my words that way, and he pulled me closer as I relaxed.

All of a sudden, a feeling washed over me, and I couldn’t hold it in.

I looked up into his eyes as he ran his thumb along my face, along my skin.

Finally the Capitol got what they wanted, and for the first time the star-crossed lovers kissed.

I lay my head on his chest and finally felt something inside of me shift.

He told me, “I wish I could freeze this moment right here and live in it forever.”

I closed my eyes and pictured us winning the Hunger Games together.

One thing crossed my mind, that Gale had been there all my life, but Peeta is my star-crossed lover.

But I had to remember that love changes the game, so there may not be room for another.

Peeta and I woke up the next morning, and we noticed our wounds were close to being healed.

All the things that had been happening lately were almost too good to be real.

But we knew we weren’t the only tributes out there, and that there was one left.

So we set out into the manmade forest, heartbeats racing in our chests.

We looked up and realized how dark it was getting, even though it was early in the afternoon.

We heard howling noises of which we’d never heard before, like wolves crying at the moon.

The noises started getting closer, and we nervously glanced all around.

We could not see a thing; all we heard was that frightening sound.

Out of nowhere something rushed out of the bush, a horrible mutation of a wild dog.

Peeta and I ran in the other direction, but everything seemed to be in a fog.

Soon we reached the Cornucopia, and scrambled to climb up to the top.

The Mutts, as we call them, scratched and nipped at our feet, with no indication that they’d stop.

I reached the top before Peeta, and suddenly I heard someone speak.

"You here to finish me off, sweetheart?" It was the tribute who cut Peeta and made him so weak.

He lunged toward me and knocked me down, and then the fight started between us all.

He snatched Peeta into a chokehold, told me to shoot them so they would both fall.

As he preached on, face bleeding profusely, I aim my arrow at his hand.

Peeta mouthed the word “shoot” as I breathed out, and I aim as best as I can.

I could barely keep my eyes open, as I let go of my grip on the string.

I heard the sound of the other tribute in pain, and Peeta took his chance to spring.

He grabbed hold of the tribute, and threw him over the edge.

I ran to him and we held each other, standing on the ledge.

A few minutes later the Mutts disappeared, and light shined over the Arena.

I thought of all the proud people in District 12 who could see us.

Out here Tracker Jackers, Mutts and Mockingjays are constantly all around you.

I had to kill or be killed, and make my promise to Prim come true.But all my hopes and dreams came crashing down when I heard the electronic voice surround me.

“The previous rule change has been revoked.” One of us dying is what that means.

Peeta says, “Do it. Just kill me!” but I know I could never do it.

“No, Peeta. That’s what the Capitol wants to see” is what I said, ‘cause I refused to submit.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the lethal berries, which could kill by ingesting only a few.

I told him, “I’m not going to leave this Arena alive, unless I leave with you.”

“On the count of three, we'll eat this handful of berries that started it all.”

Then suddenly the voice came back on and said, “Wait! Congratulations to the winners of the 74th annual Hunger Games. The last rule has been recalled.” In the game of hunger, losing is not an option.

The challenge at hand of winning these Games, is usually of forced adoption. The Capitol and the Districts are in a constant war of push and shove. But in the end, the meaning of the Hunger Games is survival against humanity, and life against love.

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