The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Sugar High

Are we really that crazy or are we the most normal people there?

The so called mentally stable people just all seem to stop and stare.

While we move on with our lives, and live them to the fullest.

They just look at us with ridicule; with eyes that are the cruelest.

Maybe it's their jealousy that gets the best of them, 'cause they know we have more fun.

We think of life as living it as long as you can, getting our kicks while we're still young.

So we tear up this city and leave no rock unturned.

We get the rush of adrenaline we crave, that feeling of ecstasy we yearn.

We'll set out on an adventure, and hope we don't get lost.

But getting lost together could be the point, so we could get the point across.

Come rain or shine, we'll parade through these streets.

Footsteps falling in time with our racing heartbeats.

Our smiling faces will prove to everyone that the mentally unstable ones enjoy themselves the most.

With that we raise our Slurpees high in the sky, and clink them together with a toast.

Let's promise to stay forever young, 'cause hell, you only live once.

And it makes life so much more interesting, when you're doing everything based on a hunch.

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