The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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As the World Spins

I can't sleep, I just want to sleep.

And disappear into a dream land buried in my thoughts so deep.

Mister Man in the Moon shines into my room so bright.

Outlines my sleepy facial features with his shining light.

Sound abruptly wakes the night.

Silence puts up a relentless fight.

Whispering to sound that the world needs to rest.

But sound keeps on going strong, being quiet at best.

The world will never stop moving us though, no matter how hard we try.

We pretend to stop the movement, as we all close our eyes.

But the world will keep us going, in a never ending circle.

If it spun any faster, we might turn purple.

Feeling noxious knowing that your life will keep revolving around.

And sometimes life sneaks past you without even the slightest sound.

And as the nights go by, we continue to close our eyes; sometimes without realization that the next day may not come.

There will come a time when you close your eyes and the darkness will not be taken over by the sun.

I'll try my best to fall asleep tonight, and wake up early tomorrow.

So I can make the best of the life I have left, and cease the days that are to follow.

You only live once, and have one lifetime to live, so I guess I better get some rest now.

The years go flying by so fast, so I have to live them to the fullest and slow them down.

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