The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Scum of Hell

It's just a black square, but why is it there? Maybe it's a gate to a fiery hell.

Falling, disappearing, and spiraling down; like a penny in a wishing well.

But oh no, you do not wish to come here.

The devil's taunting voice, hauntingly whispers in your ear.

You continue to fall into the black depths as you flail your body in a fit.

But you just fall faster into this seemingly bottomless pit.

Now the end is in sight, as you put up a fight, because the impact will come soon.

You hit the ground and there are people like you all around, who want to touch you as they all swoon.

You scramble away from their horrifying hands, as their long, talon-like nails try to lure you in.

They quietly chant your name like the insane animals they are, as they scrape and scratch at your skin.

This place is full of dirt and grime; there are no guts or glory.

Your pride has been stripped from you, and this is the end of your egotistic, insensitive story. You used someone, abused someone; and that's what got you here.

Maybe it wasn't smart to play the game; you were dealt a card bringing out your worst fear.

That person you used thought that maybe if they lowered themselves down a level, they'd descend into another world.

A place where they'd be wanted in some way at the very least, where emotions won't take over in a confusing whirl.

You knew that they were weak, so to you they were easy prey.

You're a careless, scavenging, unsatisfied predator; hunting easily day by day.

But down here you will be drained of your energy to hunt, since the sun doesn't shine.

Just curl up in a ball wallowing in your puddle of worthlessness, in a place of endless time.

You're the only reason you've been put down here, surrounded by twisted and sick people of your kind.

But maybe this hell hole is your good conscience, somewhere in the corner of your mind.

Don't be too hard on yourself darling, but just know that no one will listen when you yell.

And unless you change your ways and grow up, then welcome, my dear, this is hell.

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