The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Push-and-Shove Love

When I kiss you, caress you; does it make you want to swoon?

Can we stay in this bed together, and play all afternoon?

Will you be able to control yourself, and resist me the whole time?

Will you give in to this feeling so right, and whisper to me that you'll be mine?

Will you mutter my name under your breath, repeating it over and over?

Will I give you a rush; one similar to what you feel when you're not sober?

Do I give you sensual sensations, sending goose bumps up your arms and back?

Will you pull me roughly towards you once all your nerves are out of whack?

Can you rest my head on your chest while you try to catch your breath?

Will you hold my hand and kiss my face once we've done everything, leaving nothing left?

Will you still be around after all is said and done?

Can you stand to have any other experiences with me, other than what most of your kind call "fun"?

Will you be by my side and stand by me through the thick and thin that is love?

Or will you only cause despair and regret in my life, as you push me away and violently shove?

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