The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Some friends are like wilting flowers that slowly fade away.

The strongest friends are the ones that stay.

Some are desperate and give up when in need of rain.

But the best friends stand by you through all of the pain.

It's funny how difficult it is to make friends, and yet how easily you can leave them.

To forget a friendship you once thought you couldn't live without, can be like a rose with no thorns on its stem.

How seemingly effortless it is to force their withdrawal from your life.

Or the anger you feel when they accuse you of changing overnight.

They basically said that you weren't a good friend, never listened or spoke up.

But what they didn't expect was that you'd finally had enough.

You told them that you have always been their shoulder to cry on.

You also let them know that now there's one less person they can rely on.

You've asked them before what was wrong, and all they gave you was a silent answer in return.

I swore I'd never ask you again, and I'd let you feel how loneliness burns.

Two can play at the silent treatment game, and right now I think I'm winning.

I hope you see me around with my real friends, 'cause we'll all be laughing and grinning.

Accuse me of not being there for you when I was, and I won't be there when you need me the most.

The end of a friendship can be bitter and harsh, so to true friends we shall have a toast.

The fair weather friends might leave your side, but your true friends will stay through thick and thin.

It's not too hard to say goodbye to the fake ones who drag you down making life look grim.

I'll push the friends who aren't loyal out of my life, the most selfish people alive.

The ones who only consider you a friend when it's convenient for them; when it's for their own personal gain to thrive.

I tried to be the bigger person, but that's only beneficial for so long.

Sometimes your own apologies are unnecessary, especially when you're not in the wrong.

So good riddance to you and good luck with your life, I'm sure you'll do fine without me.

I've got many other great friendships that will last me a lifetime, so I don't think I'll miss you too much if you leave.

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