The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Two Tickets to Dream Land

Hide with me, reside with me; don't you dare ever leave.

We can lay beside each other, awake in a world of dreams

We can patch things up, stitch our emotional scars.

And after that we can hold hands and stare up at the stars.

We can set aside our differences, mend them and then;

we can run away together, and not come back till who knows when.

Here we are with fleeting thoughts, acting on adrenaline and random choices.

Our bodies fit together like a love song, a melody sung in a duet by perfect voices.

Lust, love, and temptation in a world full of possibilities at our fingertips.

When you whisper to me I can't help but look longingly at your lips.

My imagination runs wild, as you drag those lips of yours along my neck.

Just like an eager child being held back from playing, I have to keep my nerves in check.

Still I can't help but think of all the things we could do together, me and you.

If you take my hand and follow me, I can make your favourite dreams come true.

You could make mine a reality too, if you choose to stay with me.

We could open new doors that lead to endless adventures; all you have to do is agree.

With you by my side, hand in hand, we'll be unstoppable.

And if we happen to find love on our long journey ahead, together we'll be invincible.

But there's no need to rush a little promising seed, which has the potential to grow.

So if in time our feelings get stronger, maybe then we'll know.

But for right now here we are, wasting our time together being lazy.

I'm in the mood to have fun with you; come on, let's do something crazy.

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