The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Trapped Between a Rock and Superstition

I'm caught in between, little old me, and I'm going through the motions.

I think of my feelings and a constant thought in my head, a crazy kind of notion.

There have been days where I can't decide and it almost leaves me bed ridden.

I lay there in silence, in contemplation; with a bad case of indecision.

My curiosity sometimes gets the best of me and it leads me to a state of amazement.

Then there are the times when my curious mind creates an angsty type of excitement.

I can imagine so many things I dream of doing, but peoples' labels hold me back.

But when I break out of the crowd and show the world the real me, they get angry when conformity is something I lack.

Sexuality can be a sating thing but what matters most is what comes before.

That anxious little state of mind, the flirtations which leave you wanting more.

But once the deed is done then the possibility of love comes into the equation and suddenly all hell breaks loose.

The confusion can be worth it, leading to a relationship; or leave you searching for a noose.

Love can bring out an ugly jealousy, and from then on the bond can break.

Love can be a beautiful thing, or it can turn into a monster of hate.

I wake up from my daydream, and try to push these ominous superstitions out of my brain.

I have to get up and go do something, before my own thoughts drive me insane.

Even though I may still be stuck in between, I'll try not to think about it a lot.

I'll let time do what it's meant to do, and believe that hope is all that I've got.

I may not know which side I'll end up on, 'cause time will only tell.

So I'll get up and move on with my life, instead of ponder the possibilities in which I usually dwell.

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