The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Turning Tables

I didn't expect how fast you'd turn on me; I listened when you told me you weren't the same.

I let you in as soon as you called me beautiful, but you left as quickly as you came.

I shouldn't have let you go as far as you did, because now you have no reason to stay.

And now whenever I try to be there for you, you ignore everything I say.

I know these times are hard for you; but I let you know I'd always be there.

And even though I'm hurting as well, it doesn't mean I won't care.

I will never forget about you, it's impossible when you're on my mind every day.

Just keep that in your mind when you don't respond and you're sitting there all alone.

Realize I'm waiting on the other side, staring at my phone.

I believed you we're different - a special, one of a kind guy.

But now I'm hitting my head against a wall, asking myself why.

My mother tells me to give up on you, but my best friend tells me to hang on.

It's hard to know where to go from here when you don't even know what went wrong.

They say you shouldn't be able to get so far so soon, it shouldn't be that easy.

Just because I get emotionally attached and care too much, doesn't make me sleazy.

Maybe this is just a phase, maybe I'm over reacting.

Maybe trust in you is all I'm really lacking.

But if that's the case then please just answer me when I'm worried about you.

I know that you're hurting bad right now, but it’s the least that you could do.

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