The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Love Letter Cliché

To Whom It May Concern, a letter meant for the one I desire.

The one who’s touch is so warm and gentle - a touch that takes me higher.

I'll wait for you as long as I live.

I'll fight through whatever life throws at me; whatever it gives.

As long as in the end what it gives me is you.

This girl's broken smile will heal and shine through.

Whenever I see you, even if it's just a glimpse;

My tongue starts to tie, and my heart stops in an instant.

If that isn't love, then label me a liar.

'Cause I guess I don't know what sparks that inner fire.

All I remember is that time you took my hand and held it tight.

I'll never forget it 'cause that's the only time I've ever had the feeling that everything would be alright.

I find it amazing that someone can break your heart, but you can still manage to love them with the shattered pieces.

Even though we may be far apart, we will keep on defending our love as if it's a thesis.

When you say forever, you're expected to mean it.

So if you actually love me, you should be willing to scream it.

I really should tell you that my heart stops, whenever I see or hear you, either way.

When I'm with you my stomach flip flops; I wait for you to feel it too but I only have a certain amount of days.

So I sit here and just stare at this telephone, waiting for that day when you decide you'll say those few words.

But at the moment I feel like a dog that can't have its bone - impatiently laying there and listening until I hear those words.

Please don't ever forget about me, 'cause I'm convinced I'll never forget you.

You're forever in the back of my mind; now if only you realized and knew.

I'm always hoping that I'll end up in your head, if I wait for a certain period of time.

I'd happily be locked up in a jail cell, if thinking about you was a crime.

I know I don't see you much, but trust that I'll always be there.

Just try to reach me, and if you don't then you mustn’t care if it causes my heart to tear.

I can't believe I've held on to you for so long; it's an irregular thing for me to do.

But it all makes sense and the pieces fall together, once I'm alone with you.

This feeling of wanting to tell you is almost overwhelming, but every attempt to tell you terribly fails.

I try to send you specific signals, hoping you follow the obvious trails.

I've tried a note and I'd try a message but you tell me your phone's broken.

I'd tell you in person if it wasn't for past bad experiences, where important details are unspoken.

I can't seem to remind myself that you're such a good person whenever I do try.

Why can't you just make it easier and say it for me, to me; Why?

I love you - and that's exactly where it stops.

I hang on to your every word, praying you'll say something that makes my jaw drop.

You make me feel something I've never felt before.

I've never wanted anyone more.

In conclusion, I guess all I'm saying is that I want your love, I want your heart.

I want to be with you and tell the whole world; a secret in desperate need of impart.

All I want and ever wanted is you; always and forever.

I just wanted to let you know how I truly feel, and that I dream of you and me together.

Sincerely, the girl who’s been right in front of your eyes the whole time, always there.

The one standing by your side through everything, the one who will always care.

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