The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Happy Dagger - inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Is it not a sad coincidence or just a statement filled with irony that a heart seen through the eyes of mine appears to be a dagger?

Is it hiding and stowing away the fact that a heart be truly a disguise for a dagger?

It seems to enjoy every second, as its stabs bring pain.

All it really wants is for my blood to fall like rain.

And with my last minutes, it brings burning tears.

My heartbeat becomes uneven as I writhe with fear.

Oh cruel fate! Be it my murder at the hand of this sinister, happy dagger?

It slowly creeps ever so close, as it pinpoints and penetrates my heart;

This precise and happy dagger.

And like a slice of shrapnel with sharp, lean edges, it tears into my chest;

This now crimson stained dagger.

So forth I call Osiris, god of death and everything unholy,

for the moment has finally come.

I wish him to travel here, leave his dark and hellish abode,

because now this place, my spirit shall flee from.

I bring you joy with this hand, as I take my final shallow breaths and stagger.

You have now taken my life, oh happy dagger.

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