The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Freedom of Flight

Your lips are so enticing, with their gravitational pull.

The craving I have for you will never be sated, a hunger demanding to be full.

Your scent is like an addiction, it takes me to a euphoric place.

That sexy little smile of yours makes my heart beat at a dangerous pace.

But I like that sense of adventure I get with you, like there are no limits.

We can do absolutely anything and greedily indulge in it.

I want you to lie next to me, fit your body with the contours of mine.

We can put our pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, and easily lose track of time.

I pray that you'll wrap your arms around me, hold me close and tight.

We could stay like that forever, together all day and night.

Rock me slowly with those arms of yours, so big and strong.

Keeping to the beat of our newly created song.

Our actions speak louder than words ever could, like a dance to this new ballad or duet.

You send a shivering tremor throughout my whole body, a feeling that no one else can make me get.

I could stay perfectly still for a lifetime, locked in your embrace.

And I guarantee you'd never see the smile slip away from my face.

I still remember that feeling from the first time you held my hand.

The first time you caressed my face, that excitement I'll never fully understand.

Or when your soft lips finally kissed mine, my anticipation smothered.

It was overpoweringly short and sweet, and my rosy cheeks couldn't be covered.

I tried to act like it wasn't a big deal, but with you it's hard not to kiss and tell.

I'm sure you realize I can't help but boast about you, after all, you do know me well.

Still we try to take our time, try not to rush a good thing.

What we have isn't something I want to let go of, it makes me feel like I have wings.

Why would you want to give up on a feeling that makes you believe you can fly?

You are the wind beneath my feathers, the freedom that takes me so high.

So I think I'll hold onto you a little bit longer, make sure you never leave my arms.

'Cause if you really did ever leave, I think it would do us both some harm.

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