The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Guilt Trip Target

I am a target, used too many times.

Been convinced and persuaded to believe all of his lies.

But not just his, the hims of the past.

Foolishly having faith that one of them might last.

Yet still I find myself dumbfounded that they never do.

Maybe it's because I forgive and believe in others to have the potential to stay true.

To me, to us, and keep true to his words.

When he calls me special, I just call him absurd.

Because in reality he really doesn't think that, I'm just another notch in his belt.

He lies repeatedly about the feelings he felt.

And not only did he take advantage of my body, but he also took advantage of my mind.

Maybe he even lied about some pretty low things, so he could cover up the fact that he hides.

He's twisted my sense of caring and sympathy, and somehow used it against me.

I feel like an idiot for going along with it and wasting my time, but I denied what I didn't want to see.

I didn't want to admit that I was wrong about him, pride leads to stupidity.

But so does having hope and faith in the fact that he was different than the rest, so obliviously.

Being blinded by the illusion he created that we were a perfect fit.

But finding out from others that he's just another fraud, feeling slapped across the face by his dirty trick.

I hope you learn from this mistake, and feel the guilt at night in which you lay.

And maybe next time go about it a little smarter, instead of running away.

With someone's heart, and tear it apart, just like you did to mine.

You should have known that it would come back to haunt you, it was only a matter of time.

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