The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Plenty of Fish

Sweetie pie, oh lover dearest, where on this earth could you be?

I've been searching all across the land, scouring the seas.

I almost feel like giving up, but my belief in love keeps me going.

And when the day comes that I do find you, my heart will be more than showing.

But it seems that I've looked everywhere; under rocks and under chairs.

Hoping I won't have to accept the fact that you might not even be there.

And I don't ask why, I just know it's true.

That every day and night, I will eventually think of you.

Now it has become impossible to sleep, try and try as I must.

I toss and turn my restless body, and find myself tangled in my sheets through all the fuss.

I wake up dazed the next morning, after leaving dreams filled with you.

I force myself out of bed once again, and continue my hunt like I do.

But maybe the truth is that my best option would be, to cease all searching and call it off.

Maybe then you will come to me, drift in like a current miraculously if I stop.

Seeing as how my whole search party of one has grown tired and run amuck;

I may as well be running around in senseless circles, and declare myself officially stuck.

So to my one and only out there somewhere in this big world, I leave one question to thee.

Will you perhaps come find me, if I stop looking for what's meant to be?

All I can do now is be a sitting duck, and try to patiently wait.

I'll be here when you get here darling, like helpless but promising bait.

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