The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Volcanic Eruption

When all your muscles tense up and flex,

and parts of your body twitch.

When you push towards the source,

throw back your head and close your eyes.

Little convulsions of pleasure go off in every cell of your body,

as ecstasy courses through your veins.

Your heart starts beating rapidly,

and your vocal chords make involuntary noises.

The pleasure center in your brain goes crazy,

and sends raging signals to your nerves.

Your senses make you sweat,

as your breathing gets shallow.

Your hands turn to fists,

while you grip anything you can hold.

A pressure builds in your head and your face turns red;

the pressure moves throughout your whole being, until you reach the release.

Satisfaction overflows;

a heat radiates like molten lava spilling out of a volcano.

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