The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Thick as molasses, plentiful and wide.

Discover the curves like the waves of high tides.

Set sail into this natural vessel of mine.

Find the cavernous place that brings a feeling divine.

Able to hold the weight of the world, with these child-bearing hips.

Plant a sweet little kiss on my pouty lips.

A bed can turn into a new-found land.

A place where adventures are made for hands.

Lose ourselves in the sheets, until we find each other.

One touch is all it takes to draw in a sharp breath or smother.

With an abundance of senses we put emphasis on taste.

But togetherness is better when you have time to waste.

Lull yourself into a dreamlike state once you hear my voice.

We whisper to awaiting ears, when sound is our next sense of choice.

As we venture on, sounds become more passionate and greater.

But the best sound, the one we both long to hear, comes later.

Swallow the unprocessed milk as it suddenly spills.

Out of the top, until it's finished and fills.

Then inevitably the tightrope goes limp and collapses.

Ring around the Rosy, we all fall down like ashes.

But our fun doesn't have to stop now, we still have some time.

You can still whisper softly to me and fit your fingers into the spaces of mine.

And if we do tire, if we happen to fall asleep;

I'll be perfectly happy with your arms around me.

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